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Name: Katy
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Other characters: Day
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Name: Dunleavy Mallorough
Age: 21
Subject taught: Bench Dancing
Canon: The Hero Series
Canon point: Post The Hero Strikes Back

In a world where earthquakes and other natural disastors strike almost daily, ripping the world apart as if nature itself was waging a war against humanity itself. From the humans that struggled on in this world there appeared Sources, people who could channel the elements to their will, to calm down the earthquakes and the tornados and keep the world calm. They where called Sources.

Unfortunatly channeling alone came at the cost of their own lives, until Shields came along. Shields can put up their own mental barriers in place of their Shields and protect them from the elements they are battling. A source and a shield bond for life, neither has any choice in the matter. When one dies the other dies.

Dunleavy is one of these shields. She grew up in the shield academy where her world was controled to what she could cope with. Shields are incredibly formal and stoic. Lee is no exception. She is most comfortable around small groups of people she knows well, or in situations where she can play the part of a shield and simply observe.

Shields by nature are very focused on the world outside them, they have great powers of observation that do not extend to themselves. Lee had to be taught to feel physical sensations; hot, cold, rough, smooth, even pain. She has a rediculously high pain threshold and even when she is in pain will downplay it because of her stoicism.

Lee is good at what she does and knows it, when she first bonds to Karish (her notorious Source) she instantly dislikes him because of his reputation. In her thoughts she is generally sarcastic and this sometimes comes across as blunt and dry when she speaks. She gets confused when people are offended at what she says.

Sources and Shields are belong to the Triple S, an organisation that sends them to where they are needed. They recieve no pay but are given lodgings and food for free, in their world no one can deny free service to a Source or Shield. They were a braid on their clothing (white for a Shield) to show their status. This means that Lee has no idea how money, or shops or not having the things you need works.

Lee doesn't really care about the way she looks, she can apply makeup and dress her best with the best of them but she would rather be plain and hiding in the background somewhere. She does not like being the centre of attention, the only time she will tolerate it is when she is bench dancing (or Karish forces her to read bad poetry with him on stage)

For all that Shields struggle to feel physical sensations and have stoic personalities they are very sensative to music. Lee is even more sensative than most, she drove most her professors to tears. When music plays it affects her strongly and she is very likely to go beserk, fighting, kissing random strangers, setting things on fire...

The best way to control her around music is to talk her down, getting her to concentrate on you, physicaly holding her. If she's really bad tying her is acceptable (though she can and will hold and grudge for a long time).

Name: Taro

Form: Large White Shield with wooden braiding around the edge.

  • Clearmind
  • Defense Boost
  • Dual Wielding
  • Helping Hand
  • Belief

Lost memories:
  • What the city she was stationed in was called
  • That she is susceptible to music
  • That she killed Creol
  • That Ryan lied to her
  • That she could change the weird weather
  • The poem that Karish made her perform with him at the Hallin festival
  • How to play cards
  • That snow is cold
  • How to apply makeup
  • What Karish looks like

Sample: Here


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