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"Thanks," Lee smiled at the player who had agreed to escort her to the shop. She hadn't found a player of her own yet for this round but she was really not surprised not after the last round.

Lee was going to get Santana back for that, she wasn't sure how, or when but it would happen. As it stood most people were side eying her, as if she would go beserk on them any moment, no one would risk a weapon who could get them into trouble by attacking the wrong person at the wrong time.

Stupid system, Lee had been here long enough that she no longer railed against the system with every breath but sometimes it was grating. Like now, they were more than half way through the week and Lee was sick of being a discard. Working at the shop wasn't really her thing, she wasn't even sure she would be allowed since it was no secret she had known nothing about money before she came here.

But the shop bought anyone desperate enough and even if she didn't get sold on for the round she would at least get permission to leave the campus and eat decent meals. She was not fussy with food but plain gruel for almost a week was driving her crazy. As was being stuck on campus.

She entered the shop and spotted Recette, Recette was not the shopkeeper, not the person she had come to see but a friend, of sorts, who seemed more at home in the shop than anywhere else.

"Lemongrass," Lee nodded at her politely.

Date: 2012-01-02 12:17 pm (UTC)
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Recette, currently a Weapon owned by the shopkeeper and happier for it, looked up with the easy, natural smile of a friend rather than a merchant. She probably wouldn't have known the difference anyway.

All customers were friends, right?

"Good morning, Dunleavy!" At risk of falling off her stool behind the counter, she limited herself to a slight wave and a bob of her head. "How are you? Are you looking for anything special?"

Date: 2012-01-02 02:43 pm (UTC)
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"Yikes!" She had already slipped off the stool to trot around the counter towards the stairs when the comment actually sank in. Suddenly, she was all concern. "Um. What happened? You had enough before, I remember!"

She'd been planning to buy a memory, or something. Without Tear, it was harder to remember orders, but she tried for Rin. "Rin is upstairs. D'you want me to get him for you?"

Date: 2012-01-02 04:56 pm (UTC)
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"Of course. One moment, please!"

She disappeared upstairs, running through increasingly bizarre reasons for Dunleavy to have destroyed an entire classroom as she hunted down Rin.

He was in the bathroom. After rapping on the door, reporting that someone wanted to see him, and getting an accented reply back that she totally missed and just hoped was a yes, she bolted back downstairs to ask,

"Was it an explosion? How did you--"


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